Breast Balm: Apply in circular motion, going from center of chest towards underarm area. Use light pressure. Massage daily for maximum benefits.

Headache Balm: Massage into temples, forehead, base & back of head every 5-15 minutes at onset. Then apply as needed. Applying more frequently at onset produces better results. For maximum effect, apply and leave on overnight.

Nausea & Tummy Balm: Apply under nose and temples.  Massage generously into the belly button then outside belly button and around abdomen area.

Concentrated Herbal Balm - a little goes a long way.



  • Apply immediately at onset of headache or migraine to see more effective results
  • For Sinus related headaches, try this balm in conjunction with the Breathe Easy Balm
  • Headache balm can be used with Ice Packs and Sleep Masks